Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200204 03


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200204 03

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  1. Xavier Serrano

  2. BrizyComics

    I just discovered this lovely site. I am curious how any of these gorgeous men can be getting less than 5 stars in their ratings.
    The ratings alone puzzle me. If someone does not appeal to you, that does not make them “awful”. It simply means that man does not appeal to you. The man shown above is slim, and he has a hairless chest, which I find beautiful. If someone else seeing this photo prefers large hairy men, that has no bearing on this man’s appearance. Instead of 0-5 stars, perhaps we’d be better served with a two-button selection of Beautiful! and Not For Me.

    • That’s in fact a great idea, although it would probably take too much time and effort to change the rating system. I’m also often perplexed by low ratings. Very few guys shown here deserves anything below than 4. That the vast majority of visitors find mr. Serrano ‘awful’ is beyond me. He is a bit too clean shaven for me, but come on! If he passed you by on a street, I bet he would turn your head!

  3. wow… he is truly gorgeous


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