Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180801 03

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  1. yes, i believe it is Tyler…. if so, what a Glorious BUBBLE Butt….

  2. Steiner

    We’re all probably fantasizing about which hot actor this could/we wish this to be. My wish would be Gael García Bernal.

  3. Nic Mercy

    I know that sometimes tattoos are airbrushed out but I suspect this isn’t Tyler. Whoever it is looks similar from the profile I admit.

  4. It’s not Posey ! Not his face !

  5. Steiner

    The photo is from Paul Freeman’s book Heroics. Freeman mentions him as ‘Jake (prefers Internet obscurity)’ (https://www.pinterest.se/pin/549931804478545711/). But if you Google ‘Paul Freeman Jake’, you get some good pics of him. Anyhow, he is not Posey, nor Bernal.


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