Rudy Dean Akers (ID’d)


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  1. my gorgeous first crush BOY NEXT DOOR

    • Oh wow, I thought for sure he’d be too scrawny for you Martin. But then, if he’s like your first crush and you’re like me, you were probably a lot more scrawny back then as well. 🙂

  2. to a fatso anyyone else looks scrawny

    • you must think everyone’s scrawny then..

    • Why are you so toxic?
      If you don’t enjoy this website and the regulars discussing. Please leave this website

      • Sadly, the only way some people can feel good about themselves is by tearing other people down, kinda like Trump.

  3. You summed this cute young man up perfectly with your early comments,and you nailed it with your last comment. People just enjoy this amazing site for the pleasure it gives.

  4. Rudy Dean Akers

  5. i don’t know if I asked this already or if someone else did, Surf….is your sister OK?? did she get out of Hurricane Irma’s path??

    • It went inland after it hit the Keys pretty hard, but spared Tampa except for downed trees and poles that cut power to some. Thanks for asking though.


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