Gil Soares (ID’d)


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  1. who is he? sexy Ex-Husband # 9…LOL… great body and excellent VPL…

    • #9?! Not much for monogamy, are you Martin? 😉

      • Surf, I am being silly…I have been with my Husband David since April 2, 2005,,, and Married since April 30th, 2016,,,,, he has been the only Man I have EVER been with….. I never dated anyone else….we both think all guys are sexy and its a running joke between us how many husbands we’ll both have,,,,LOL

        • I know that Martin, and know that you would never be unfaithful. But you’re almost up to future husband #10, and I just couldn’t resist poking a little fun at you. If I didn’t think of you as a friend, I wouldn’t pick at you!

  2. Found him, Gil Soares, beautiful in so many ways


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