John-Paul Zarba (ID’d)


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  1. I’ve seen this hunk before, and that body turns me on instantly! Someone please name him so I can find more pics. Thanks!

  2. excellent body, face and VPL…

  3. John-Paul Zarba

    • I have to agree with John idk and think they got it wrong two years ago. A google search reveals an artist by that name, but none of the pictures I’ve seen look similar, at least not with that gorgeous body.

      • I dunno, here’s another view of John-Paul Zarba. The face looks very similar imo. I think it’s him and he didn’t stick with modeling. He has a headshot as an artist that looks like this face too.

        • Yeah, you and idk may be right Kevin, a body shot would confirm it, but he does look very similar now that I see your pics. Guess I was just hoping for some more of that glorious body! 🙁


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