Alexandr Dorokhov (ID’d)


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  1. Dmitry Averyanov

    • For the first time I have to disagree with you Nico, it’s just doesn’t look like him. I’ve actually seen this guy before, on here I think.

      • You could be right, Surf. There are so many hot studs with Eastern European names they are like a bunch of Dalmatian puppies; hard to tell apart! 🙂

  2. I’d sure like to caress that chest and kiss his lips 💋… who wouldn’t want to “roll” in the sand with that gorgeous slice of male beauty? 😍

  3. As if it isn’t bad enough having to deal with all the recent trolls and judgemental Christians on this page, now it appears that some Muslim hater just hacked the most recent Male Celeb Bio model candidate just because he was Jewish. Can’t we at least reserve this one site to just enjoy our gay commonality without all of these people trying to shove their racist hate on us? Has tRump already driven everyone on the planet crazy?

    • Thanks CG, I knew I’d seen him before, but just couldn’t recall that last name.


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