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  1. Christian Man

    Another Russian Homo

    • Are you hard yet?

    • Changing your user name won’t change who you are, or what you are. By the way, like myself, I’m sure there are lots of gay Christian men on here and around the world. Unlike you, we just happen to believe in a loving, forgiving God who condemns the sort of hatred you exhibit.

      • Christian Man

        There is no such thing as a Homosexual Christian man. This is all American bullshit. Jesus Christ clearly condemned homosexuality as did Saint Paul.

        • You interpret it the way you want to and I’ll do the same, I chose to believe in a loving God who accepts us as we are. Once you come to see that you’ll stop hating yourself too.

        • American BS ??? there are people in charge who hate as much as you ,CM (your fake profile)…and if we are condemned and hated , then why are there so many of men and women that the public embraces with love and compassion… and so many closeted haters as yourself…Love defeats hate 100 %.. you lose..

  2. Geary Murphy

    Christ said NOTHING regarding homosexuality.


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