Antony Searle (ID’d)



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  1. Surfwatcher

    Oh what I could do with you!

  2. This is the English diving champion and Olympian, Tom Daley.

  3. The photo is that of swimmer Tom Daley-end of conversation.

    • Surfwatcher

      End of your conversation maybe. I challenge you to find proof that it is using an image search site or any site that says it is. You can’t, because it isn’t! Tom’s nose is small and petite, not wide like this guy’s is. And their bodies differ, just look at the real Tom Daley:

      Maybe Nico or Serge or one of the guys good at image searches can find out who this guy really is, but he’s not Tom Daley!

      • you are 100 % right, Surf… it’s a look a like, but definitely not Tom Daley… it may even be a Photoshop job…

  4. model Antony Searle


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