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  1. Surfwatcher

    Need more pictures, or at least the last name of this hottie so I can find some!

    • I looked for it and don’t find his last name, but you can take the picture-URL and can search in google for it, so you can find more pictures from him.

      • Surfwatcher

        I tried but it just brings me back to this picture. I’m using Google with Firefox, what am I doing wrong? I’ve wanted to find people and things before but could never figure out how to do that. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

        • Hey Surf… Just want to help. You can try using google reverse image search. Just open then you can either :
          1. first, download the image you want to ‘find out’
          2. click the camera button on the search bar ,upload the image to the search bar.

          Or just drag the image from the page you are on to the page tab and drop it on the search bar.
          Either way, it should show the results of internet pages which contains the picture. If you are lucky, the name of the male model would pop up right away on the results. But if not, you can just click on every results and do a little bit of name hunting.

          Sorry for the wall of texts! Cheers 😀

          • Surfwatcher

            Hey, thanks so much ir_k, tried it and got results. Thanks again!


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