Diego Arnary


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  1. Nice.
    I wanna put my head on that beautiful hairy chest and touch his abs..

  2. my jaw hit the floor… he’s a stunning, gorgeous take home to mama kind of guy.

  3. Beautiful smile on an incredible body.

  4. Simply beautiful.

  5. Yes, winning musculature, and perfect hirsute manscaping with a distinctively handsome face. But what I find most arresting and compelling is the eyes. And I want to say YOUR eyes, not his eyes or this guy ‘s , but your eyes, Diego. It’s the strongest thing about you, your capacity to speak directly to the viewer, ignoring the camera. You’re not posing, you’re lying there relaxed and communicative. You are alive in your presence, and the viewer feels welcome.


  6. Countess


  7. wow… I’m not really into overly hairy guys, except for my David…but Diego is a major hottie…


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