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Oct 16 2007
"Take That" Gets Sexy
British pop boy band "Take That", who was popular in the 1990s, has finally reunited. The band kicked off their 'Beautiful World' tour with a super raunchy show this month.

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald - thrilled fans in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as they performed their past and present hits complete with X-rated dance moves.

The group opened the concert dressed as politicians delivering the 'Take That manifesto' with the boys wearing smart suits and rosettes before launching into 'Reach Out', a song from their latest album 'Beautiful World'.

One of the highlights was a performance of their 90s hit 'Relight My Fire', in which they appeared in black leather trousers and top hats.


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Oct 15 2007
Rapper T.I. Arrested
T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, faces allegations from federal officials that he planned to pick up machine guns and silencers he had his bodyguard buy for him.

T.I. is charged with possession of unregistered machine guns and silencers, as well as possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

The arrest resulted from an investigation that began this month when a federal firearms dealer contacted the ATF about a man inquiring about buying a machine gun without registering the weapon as required, according to a criminal complaint filed Saturday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta.

Ironically, the rapper's arrest happened on the same day that the BET Hip-Hop Awards were taped at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center in Atlanta. As reported, he led the pack with nine noms, including CD of the Year, Lyricist of the Year and MVP of the Year.

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Sep 29 2007
Daniel Radcliffe Desperate to Play a Gay Role
'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is planning to audition for the role of a boy at boarding school in the 30s who falls in love with his best friend and later becomes an undercover agent in a remake of the 1984 movie 'Another Country'.

The film adaptation of Julian Mitchell's play, which originally starred Rupert Everett in both the stage and screen version, is loosely based on the life of Guy Burgess, who became a double agent working for the Soviet Union, and was famously part of the Cambridge Five spy ring.

The 18-year-old actor said: "I'd never play a gay character just for the sake of playing a gay character. If the script was good, and it was a good gay character then, I'm 18, and so the parts I'm going to be getting will be open for around that age range.

"And around that age range is when people are exploring sexuality, so those are the parts I think I will be involved in."

Radcliffe currently stars in a new movie 'December Boys', in which he plays an orphan competing with four other boys to be adopted, where you will see him in his first ever film sex scene.

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Sep 20 2007
Oscar de la Hoya, a Cross Dresser?
Pictures of boxing legend, Oscar de la Hoya, known as the Golden Boy dressed up as a woman have surfaced on the internet.

The boxer is featured in a series of shocking photos that show a man dressed in panties a wig and fishnet stockings.

The Golden Boy boxer insists that it is not him in the photos and is threatening legal action against the photo agency that has posted the photos online (X17 Online). They have six full color photos posed on their website and despite the threats from attorneys - have refused to take the photos down.

De La Hoya’s agent at CAA, Jack Tiernan, insists these photos are fake. “They’re completely manufactured,” Tiernan says. “The pictures have been manipulated or manufactured, and the matter has been referred to his attorney.”

However, the paparazzi agency X17 Online still claims that they are real.

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Sep 17 2007
Gael Bernal's new Mammoth role
Now an official rule in filmmaking, if you want to break out in America -- cast Gael García Bernal (Babel) in your film.

Gael Garcia Bernal is set to star in Mammoth, the first English language film by cult Swedish director Lukas Moodysson.

Lukas said: "Gael is one of the most exciting actors working today. He's my dream choice for the part of Tom, the film's young and hugely successful internet visionary."

Mammoth follows successful New York couple Tom and Ellen, their eight-year-old daughter Jackie and their Filipino nanny Gloria. On a business trip Tom decides he wants to change his life, setting into motion an unexpected chain of events.

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Sep 5 2007
Gabriel Aubrey to be a Dad
French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry and his girlfriend actress Halle Berry are reportedly expecting their first child together.

Berry has confirmed that she is pregnant and stated in an e-mail to the celebrity TV show Access Hollywood, “Yes, I am three months pregnant.”

She went on in the e-mail to state that “Gabriel and I are beyond excited. I’ve waited a long time for this moment in life. Now the next … months will be the longest of my life.”

Berry has been dating Aubrey for two years. She previously expressed her desire to become a mother saying, “My sights are set on a different chapter in my life, which is motherhood. That’s the goal I have very clearly set for myself. Not that there is more to accomplish, but I think I arrived at a point in my life that I realize I need more to get me up in the morning."

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Sep 3 2007
Heath Ledger splits from Michelle
Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have reportedly split. The couple, who have a 23-month-old daughter Matilda together, battled to save their "rocky" relationship for the sake of their child but decided to part ways for good several weeks ago.

A source told People magazine: "It was rocky for a while. They did what they could to make it work. The split was amicable."

Heath and Michelle began dating after meeting on the set of 'Brokeback Mountain' in 2004.

Fellow 'Brokeback Mountain' star Jake Gyllenhaal revealed the pair were instantly attracted to each other.

He said: "I remember being in rehearsals, and the two of them made eyes for each other. There were immediate sparks."

Michelle gave birth to Matilda as the couple were promoting 'Brokeback Mountain' and Heath, 28, called her the "perfect mom".

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Aug 22 2007
Kevin Federline Good Actor?
Aspiring rapper Kevin Federline will guest star in a series of shows in the new season of CW's One Tree Hill.

Britney Spears' ex husband will portray a cocky frontman of a rock band called No Means Yes, said a publicist for the show, which is set to begin filming in Wilmington, N.C., this week.

One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn has praised Kevin Federline's acting talents after his guest performance on the hit show.

Schwan says, "Kevin came in and auditioned and he did a great job. He really seemed like a sweet guy and I just felt that he would be great in that. I have to honestly say he was a good fit for the character. I don't know anything about the kid but he seemed very sweet and very sincere about working hard and embracing the opportunity. It's just about being good in the role."

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Aug 13 2007
Zac Efron Plays Down "Commitment" Ring
Teen heartthrob Zac Efron has played down reports he wears a 'commitment' ring from High School Musical co-star and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, insisting commitment is "way too weird a word" for him at such a young age.

The Hairspray actor, 19, has been spotted wearing a silver ring on his left hand and was recently quoted saying, "Exchanging rings is far easier than getting tattoos."

While Efron is happy to talk about his on-screen chemistry with Hudgens and describes her as a "very sexy woman," he refuses to divulge any more details of their one-year relationship.

He says, "I'm not even going to say who it's from. This is just a ring from a friend that I got. 'Commitment' is way too weird a word for me right now. I'm wearing it for a friend. It is a female friend, but I can't say who, because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria."

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July 26 2007
Shemar Moore: “I’m not gay”
Actor Shemar Moore has dismissed reports he is gay, but has no problem with people who are gay.

37-year-old Moore was recently caught naked on a Maui ‘gay beach’ and the photographs were published in U.S. tabloid The National Enquirer (Picture here).

But Moore insists his two naked female companions were edited out of the photos and the beach was, in fact, unisex.

He says, “I went on vacation with two girlfriends of mine who, interestingly enough, got cut out of the pictures. We found a nude beach that, as far as I know, was a unisex beach… “I had two hot chicks with me who wanted to go skinny dipping. Thank God the water was fairly warm! “I’ll say it right now - I’m not gay. I love women. Women are God’s greatest creation. But I have no problem with people who are gay."

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July 20 2007
Matthew McConaughey is Hollywood's Top 'Beach Bum'
Sexy actor Matthew McConaughey has made it to the top in a new list of Hollywood 'Beach Bums'.

The 'Sahara' actor who regularly appears shirtless on Malibu Beach in Los Angeles, beat Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz to claim the crown as king of the shore.

Singer Beyonce Knowles completed the top five positions, at the fifth place.

The list of Hollywood 'Beach Bums' compiled by In Touch magazine is as follows:

1. Matthew MCConaughey

2. Paris Hilton

3. Cameron Diaz

4. Andy Baldwin

5. Beyonce Knowles.

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July 13 2007
Brandon Routh Ready to Say "I Do"
Superman Brandon Routh is settling down with lady love Courtney Ford this year. The couple is planning to exchange vows close to home, in the US.

"We're getting married in the States," Routh told US Weekly. "We're not going to make anybody travel too far." The ceremony will reportedly take place in a couple of months.

While Ford has a more traditional engagement ring with diamonds, Routh wears an engagement ring made out of a special stone. "The blue stone is part of what some of the stones at Stonehenge are made of," said Routh who proposed at the English prehistoric monument. "So the ring is from there, but I got it encased in silver to strengthen it, and it looks cool."

Routh will soon be seen on the big screen in two movies, "Life is Hot in Cracktown" and "Lie To Me."

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July 9 2007
ER's Goran Visnjic Faces Paternity Lawsuit
E.R. star Goran Visnjic is at the centre of a paternity lawsuit with a Croatian woman who claims he is the father of her child.

Thirty-six-year-old Mirela Rupic insists her four-month-old daughter was fathered by the star, who has been married to sculptor Ivana Vrdoljak since 1999, and has demanded the actor undergo a DNA test to determine whether the baby is his. Her lawyer, Nenad Skare, alleges the star has failed to respond to Rupic's attempts to get in contact.

Rupic told Friday's Jutarnji List paper that Visnjic "knew about my pregnancy from the start." The newspaper quoted her as saying she decided to sue him after he told her recently he would financially support the child, but never recognize her as his own.

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June 25 2007
Wentworth Miller in Gay Relationship
Prison Break heartthrob Wentworth Miller has been in a serious relationship with another actor Luke McFarlane for the past six months. As many of you remember, McFarlane previously dated Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight.

A report claims, the handsome couple have been secretly dating for almost six months now but they’ve been very quiet about their relationship as Wentworth is not out of the closet.

Things between the pair are so serious that the couple are talking about moving in together.

A source close to the pair tells gossip guru Perez Hilton. “They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses. Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.”

Wentworth has previously denied rumours that he is gay.

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June 11 2007
Jamie Bell Heartbroken After Break-Up With Girlfriend
English actor Jamie Bell is still nursing a broken heart after splitting with actress girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood, before she started dating Marilyn Manson.

The Billy Elliott star, 21, started dating the 17-year-old beauty in 2005 after meeting on the set of Green Day's video "Wake Me Up When September Ends."

The couple split shortly before Wood started dating the 38-year-old shock-rocker. Bell says, "It was difficult, because I was very much in love with her.

It was a mutual decision, we were both very upset because we had such a great time. But we're in two very different places.

She's only just getting the idea of independence, which I've had since I was 14. I'm still utterly in love with her and think she's amazing talent."

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May 22 2007
Phillippe Seeks Joint Custody In Divorce Battle
Hollywood hunk Ryan Phillippe is seeking joint custody of his two children with his estranged wife Reese Witherspoon.

The couple split in October 2006 after seven years of marriage and two kids, Ava, seven; and Deacon, three.

Witherspoon, 31, filed for divorce last year, seeking physical custody of the kids and 'exclusive use of the family residence'. She also asked the judge to block any attempts for spousal support by Phillippe.

Ryan Phillippe, 32, filed a divorce petition in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, agreeing with Witherspoon's reason for the split as 'irreconcilable differences' and asking for joint legal and physical custody of the two children.

Phillippe sought visitation granted 'to both parties, equally allocated'. He did not request spousal support.

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May 9 2007
Orlando Bloom Looking for Love on the Internet
Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom now wants to settle down and have kids. It seems he's that desperate to find true love, he's looking for it on the internet.

The handsome actor is worried most women are only interested in his fame and fortune, so to test their intentions he is using a friend's name and photograph to set up a profile on

The 30-year-old actor plans to get to know prospective dates by chatting online, before arranging to meet them in person.

It's difficult sometimes to know whether girls like me, or the guy they see in Pirates Of The Caribbean,' he told This way I can get to know them from behind a disguise.'

The actor, who ended a four year relationship with 'Superman Returns' star Kate Bosworth, is on the look out for 'Miss Right'.

He said: "I'd like to live a proper family life - with a partner and kids. That's what it's all about, isn't it? I've had a crazy life, in many ways, and I realise now I want someone to share it with."

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May 7 2007
Ioan Gruffudd Pulls Website After Fiancee Was Insulted
Fantastic Four hunk Ioan Gruffudd has pulled the plug on a fansite launched in his honour following a bitter cyberspace attack against his fiance, Alice Evans.

Gruffudd had been financially backing the website, but withdrew his support after reading negative comments about his 102 Dalmatians co-star and partner on the site's message boards.

Trouble erupted in March when 102 Dalmatians star Alice, 35, spotted a jibe made about her on the site regarding her nomination for a Christian award for her role in the American 2006 TV flick The Christmas Card.

She reportedly hit the roof after a mystery blogger poked fun at her love of racy outfits at film premieres on the site's fan chat-room.

The 33-year-old Welsh actor's spokeswoman Pippa Beng says, "It's true Ioan has withdrawn his support following some comments that have been made. Ioan is sorry that this has happened and has posted a message on his website for fans."

The website's American owner is devastated at the news, adding, "I can't afford to keep the site up on my own and won't do it without that it support, so it's closing down."

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