Category: Male Celeb News Page 1 of 2 Mario Saraf By Photographer Mladen Blagojevic

See MORE pics of Mario Saraf at Joshua Fox Torney For ‘Teamm8′

See Joshua Fox Torney’s FULL shoot at Jonas Sulzbach For ‘Upman’ Underwear

See Jonas Sulzbach’s FULL shoot at Iago Botelho by Photographer Xavier Samre

See Iago Botelho’s FULL shoot at Renato Freitas by Photographer Ronald Liem

See Renato Freitas’s FULL shoot at Johan Bruinsma By Photographer Tino Vargas

See Johan Bruinsma’s FULL shoot at Laurent Marchand By Photographer Michael Del Buono

See Laurent Marchand’s FULL shoot at

2 Comments Jules Horn by Photographer Skye Tan

See Jules Horn’s FULL shoot at Daniel Chan By Photographer Jorge De Reval

See Daniel Chan’s FULL shoot at Gabriel Arocha by Photographer Adrian C. Martin

See Gabriel Arocha’s FULL shoot at Kris Evans Et Al For ‘Addicted’ Swimwear

See ADDICTED’s new swimwear campaign at Stephen Morris for ‘Marcuse’

See Stephen Morris’s FULL shoot at Jacob Hankin for ‘Stark’ magazine

See Jacob Hankin’s FULL shoot at Steven Dehler For ‘Marcuse’

See Steven Dehler’s FULL shoot at

3 Comments Devon Kell By Photographer James Thor

See Devon Kell’s FULL photoshoot at Trevor Van Uden By Photographer JR Christiansen

See Trevor Van Uden’s FULL collection at

1 Comment Eliad Cohen for ‘PAPAWEAR’ Swimwear

See Eliad Cohen’s FULL photoshoot at Cassiano Weirich By Photographer Xavier Samré

See Cassiano Weirich’s FULL photoshoot at Lucas Araujo By Photographer Hay Torres

See Lucas Araujo’s FULL photoshoot at Danilo Augusto By Photographer Hay Torres

See Danilo Augusto’s FULL photoshoot at Trevor Van Uden By Photographer Joseph Lally

See Trevor Van Uden’s FULL collection at Thomas Sautebin By Photographer Manny Fontanilla

See Thomas Sautebin’s FULL photoshoot at

1 Comment Israel Eyer By Photographer Fabio Pamplona

See Israel Eyer’s FULL photoshoot at Fernando Soldati By Photographer Beto Urbano

See Fernando Soldati’s FULL photoshoot at Alexander Dorokhov By Photographer Pavel Lepikhin

See Alexander Dorokhov’s FULL photoshoot at Valeriu Gutu by Photographer Marco Ovando

See Valeriu Gutu’s FULL photoshoot at Michael Camiloto by Photographer Hudson Rennan

See Michael Camiloto’s FULL photoshoot at Justin Barnhill By Photographer Yu Tsai

See Justin Barnhill’s FULL photoshoot at Juan Esteban for Vuthy Sim Swimwear

See Juan Esteban’s FULL photoshoot at Bryant Wood for ‘ES Collection’ 2014 Bryant Wood for ‘ES Collection’ 2014

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