Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20201209 06


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20201209 06

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  1. Adrian Jimenez by Hard Cider NY

  2. Do you have instagram?

  3. is this it ??? is there never going to be anymore Most Beautiful Man??? has the $$$ run out… I wish that i Had a Billion $$$ to give so everyone here can be paid….it’s been almost 6 months with the same photos….. I pray that if this is it, that we can all go out Happy together….and have a final tribute….

    • It was great for all the years that it lasted.
      Thanks for the friendship Martin,
      And thanks for all these many years of men MBM!

      • you are welcome, Surf……. If this is truly the end, my heart is truly broken….let’s not drag the end out, MBM……. let’s have someone say a final goodbye and then disappear into the abyss…

  4. I very much miss the hot guys posts… I even donated hoping to keep this afloat… I just wish it’s because you have no time or resources and not because something bad happened to you in the pandemic.

    • Martin

      i agree 100 %… hope you just ran out of $$$ AND DON’T HAVE THE HEART TO SHUT THIS DOWN…. and that you aren’t sick or have passed away…


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