Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200323 15


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200323 15

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  1. gorgeous face and incredible body… would love to know his name and if he likes guys !!??

    • This appears to be an older picture of him. He is still just as ripped and cut now. But he has a lot more ink across his chest and stomach. Of course. And he appears to be into women.

  2. Steiner

    Antoni Bialy

  3. would be perfect without the stoopid ink

    • Steiner

      Unfortunately, he has continued covering himself with it. When someone first get hooked on the idea of building muscles and then destroys his body to this degree with tattoos, I get the feeling there is some degree of self-loathing involved. So can’t help but see something tragic in this type of guys, despite the striking beauty.

      • It’s a pathological addiction. Once they start they never seem to stop. That’s how an otherwise beautiful man ends up with monstrosities like Jake Andrich (@jakekipz). It’s such a waste of a man.


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