Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200122 15


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20200122 15

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  1. Gil Soares

  2. that BUBBLE BUBBLE would also be Soares after I had a chance to POP POP POP…LOL

  3. steve-o-o

    Publishing every 2 weeks now. What a sad end to such a formerly great website. 😥

    • still able to run… despite having very little $$ … if it wasn’t for the extreme kindness of it’s subscribers, then it would have shuttered a long time ago…

  4. steve-o-o

    But why do you need money to grab pictures off the net? Granted I know nothing about running a website, but aren’t these pictures free?

    Back when I first got a smartphone, yours was one of the first great sites I found. I think it was 2007 or something like that. Yours is my favorite site. I just don’t want you to fade away.

    Before you say anything I’m out on disability and I have no money after paying rent, doctors and meds. Despite what Bernie and Elizabeth say, Medicare ain’t so affordable.

    • Mike Pence

      Running a website requires renting servers to host the website and buying the website domain, to say the minimum. Moreover, maintaining this website and uploading pics takes TIME, which normally means you get paid for your work. So instead of accusing people after they provided free service to you for years, why don’t you check your medicare bill and compare which one is more affordable?

      Your main disability is intellectual disability, empathetic disorder, and
      utter selfishness.

    • I’ve been on disability for almost three years, but I have been using and enjoying this site for close to fifteen years or more, so when I got my back pay and got on my feet about the same time that the owner of MBM started experiencing financial difficulties, I dug into my meager budget (several times) and found some money to help out for the many years that I enjoyed it for free.
      He used to employ several people to help, but after advertising revenues dried up he had to let them go and take another side job of his own to even be able to pay for the bandwidth it takes.
      I’m surprised but please to see that MBM is finally starting to get back on their feet a little.
      $5 or $10 ain’t gonna make or break any of us, so considering stepping up and helping out when and if you can.


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