Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20190521 09


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20190521 09

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  1. Martin

    let me snuggle with you and raise your arm please..

    • franz

      martin, who and where are you ???
      wish to have contact with you – the franz

      • Martin

        I am in Pennsylvania at home…. I am on most nights around 11-2 am before bed… My Husband David is at his parents recovering from Kidney Transplant Surgery…so look at here most night… make my silly comments…for fun… How are you??? The Franz ???haven’t talked to you in a few months…. Hope all is well and always feel free to talk to me if you see a comment from me on here,,,

  2. franz

    thank you Martin

  3. Martin

    okee-dokee.. thanks!!

  4. Gonna stalk you both now, lol jk


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