Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180830 05


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180830 05

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  1. One star = -5stars

  2. Hypocrisy is equally an eternal sin….if you are Anti-Gay, why are you leaving the same identical message on pictures of men without shirts ??? why are you on a site for attractive men with whom you obviously are equally attracted to,,,,?? you should go to your Right-Wing Fundamentalist website and spout your Vile Homophobic Garbage….

  3. you can hate yourself, but nobody here hates themselves….Go read your Bible and get ready to be stoned because Leviticus also said that people who go eat dinner at Red Lobster should also too face his wrath…

  4. Nic Mercy

    Sorry, I don’t believe in magic apples and talking snakes.


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