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Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180813 04

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  1. Attila Toth (@attila)

  2. Bi-curious

    Very nicely endowed

  3. ….and a Gorgeous Bubble Bubble Butt

  4. Ya mon. Don’t suck on the snake as it will shoot poison into your mouth.

    • Rasta, why are you on a Gay site if you are Homophobic and hate the Gays…. you don’t like it??? …. It’s as easy as 1-2-3…LEAVE!!

    • actually, if you would do a little research, you would understand that with proper precautions, there is only a very slim chance of catching HIV through oral sex. Your ignorance is proving your trolliness.

  5. Ya mon. Rasta like the snake but he also has the brain. Rasta don’t want the AIDS mon. Rasta don’t hate no mon. Rasta has sucked on the snakes and plugged many mon pussy but now things have changed mon. Don’t hate mon. Love mon. Chill out mon. You leave mon.

    • i am fine…. but if you are pretending to be this wise-guy from the islands where it’s fine to be Homo-Phobic, that isn’t funny … If you are gay, that’s cool…If your not gay, that’s also cool….every word is NOT Mon..Mon..Mon…I am not making fun of you, but please stop with the dialect ( real or phony) and talk to me as a person….If you are trying to tell Gay Men in here to change their ways, then Keep it to yourself and find another website ( Maybe a CHRISTIAN site….) tell them how you used to be Gay, but how you are changed……. I am a Gay man, and I don’t need Religion or Homophobes, or medical doctors that I am a sick man… because I’m not…..if you seriously LOVE all Men and Women…then don’t judge us and leave us alone…

  6. Rastaman

    Ya mon. Rasta not wise guy. Rasta is Genius mon. Rastaman is real mon. What funny mon? Nobody Gay mon. Nobody make fun of Rasta mon. I am person mon. Are you a person mon? Don’t tell nobody nothing mon. You find another website mon. Do what you want mon. Never Gay mon. No Gays mon. Homosexual men mon. You spiritually sick mon. Rasta love everyone mon. Rasta don’t judge anyone mon. God only judges mon. Don’t go to HELL mon. Come toJamaica mon.

  7. Adonis ?


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