Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180731 09


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180731 09

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  1. Bi-Curious

    I could pump his pussy all night long

  2. Rastaman

    Hey mon, pump the real pussy not the shithole

    • hey “FAKE” Mon… get your Homophobic butt off this site….You don’t like Gay stuff.. then LEAVE,,, you don’t have to be here,,,Or are you yet ANOTHER Closet case…???

  3. Ya mon. Rasta not fake mon. You fake mon. What is Homophobic mean mon? You leave mon. You don’t have to be here so leave mon. What closet mon? Closet is for clothes and shoe mon. Love mon. Don’t be angry mon.

  4. if you aren’t Fake, MONMONMONMON…then I am sorry and I apoligize…when you come on a Gay website and tell Gay men NOT to have relations with Other men… and not to engage in sexual relations…like a Bossy parent… then Yes, that is Homophobic… LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE… Straight, Gay or Bi… LOVE IS LOVE…we don’t need someone who says they are from the Islands tell the LGBT community NOT to do what is natural and loving,,,if I told you MON that you have NO right to love who you want to love,,, You would be peeved…..

  5. Rastaman

    Ya mon. Rasta going home mon. Come to Jamaica mon and I cook you jerk chicken mon. Don’t tell nobody nothing mon. Ya mon. Love is love mon. Love is not PERVERT mon. Don’t tell no one in LBGT nothing mon. From Jamaica mon. No islands mon. No Gay men mon. Homosexual men mon. No Bi mon. Bi is Big Perverts mon. Rasta was Bi mon. Rasta moral now mon. Rasta love everybody mon. Anal sex not natural mon. Come to Jamaica mon.

  6. Is this guy related to the Kardashians?


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