Anthony Forte


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180727 08

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  1. Martin

    BUBBLE BUBBLE… sex with that Stud will be the hottest kind of trouble…

    • Martin, where do you see the trouble???

      • Martin

        he would stop our hearts because he’s too sexy and perfect and that Bubble Butt would be too gorgeous for words.

  2. Martin

    i just want to know his name…

    • Huge VPL also… and also Gay as well….Anthony Forte is a GOD !! …

      • Martin, I am german, please tell me what means “VPL” :-))

        • Franz, it means Visible Penis Line…..where in a series of photos, that like you find in Instagram.. when they show the model in photos, that the model’s Penis outline is very prominent…

          • Thank you, Martin, I am much more knowledgeable


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