Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180621 11


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180621 11

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  1. Martin

    gorgeous body…. nice, muscular..and a Massive VPL…never wanted to be a small pair of underwear in all my life…that Anaconda is ready to explode…

  2. I want to feel his cock inside me. Rubbing inside my ass and making me feel that I am a little bitch

  3. I don’t know what to say. This Greek god is so over the top sexy. That rocket between his legs is just begging to be released from those shorts, to be touched and sucked. This is the summer flirt I’m dreaming of.

  4. Err… guys this is actually a 3D computer model. It’s pretty well rendered so it looked realistic. The guy’s hot tho lol


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