Bryant Wood


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20180315 09

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  1. Bryant Wood, and a glorious shot of his wood!

    • he is beyond gorgeous… but that certain picture is a fake…super-imposed…enhanced and air brushed photography

  2. Are you referring to the third one down in the link? And if so,just how you know this! Have you hooked up with him?

    • no, I haven’t had the pleasure…..LOL … but I have a family who works in Computers and has worked in Motion Pictures and he showed me how to notice discrepancies in Photography…. It looks 2 photos spliced together and the torso and the waist looked to me off…BUT I have been wrong before and I hope I am wrong now as well…

      • plus picture #3 and #4 are both supposed taken when “not” in Full size stages and the size looks extremely different,,,, But I could be wrong

        • I knew that’d get you going! 😉
          I do agree that the fourth picture is his head (the big one) on a different body, but if you check out the one of him in the green swim trunks on down it’s obvious he’s well endowed.


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