Gabriel Riccieri


Most Beautiful Man of the Day – 20171215 17

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  1. I’ve seen this cutie before, and I wish he’d drop that towel so I can see the rest!

  2. Iago Tomaz

    is brazilian model Gabriel Riccieri

  3. he is gorgeous…………BUT……….i am sick of SPAM Blogger ruining this site…no need for food recipes here…

    • To All Users,
      I’m not sure that these groups are even aware that they are posting to this site, it’s a result of some sort of misdirected DDoS attacks. At any rate, I can assure you all that MBM works his ass of trying to keep them off of here while also trying to keep the site updated and has also had computer hardware problems of late. So please be patient and if possible show him how much you appreciate the site by giving him a hand and making any donation you can. Thanks.

      • I know it’s NOT his Fault, Surf…..I just don’t why MBM is always getting the brunt of Cyber attacks…just not fair to him…


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