Stephen James (IDd)


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  1. Tattoo addiction out of control and a body scared for life. Sad.

    • have to agree 100 %… he’s a very sexy guy, but the Tats are way overdone and overlapping…making it look not attractive to me at all…

  2. What was this guy thinking? His body his ruined for life. Imagine him when he’s 80 years old. Can this person in all honesty look in the mirror and say: “Yeah, this was a good idea.”

  3. Is it weird that I find him super sexy?

  4. shouldnt be on ‘mostbeautifulman’ but be working at the circus freak show

  5. scoootre

    I am not a fan of tats. He would have rated a lot higher if he didn’t have them. Too bad, too sad


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