Most Beautiful Man of the Day- 171117 06


Most Beautiful Man of the Day- 171117 06

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  1. Cute, but on the twinkish side, throw him back to catch later when he’s filled out…………

    • … as if you could ‘catch’ him in the first place

      • I’m most likely as least twice if not three times your age, but I’d guarantee you that if we ever met face to face you wouldn’t run your mouth the way you hide behind your keyboard to do on here. Nothing but a little chickenshit punk.

        • Is that a threat, sir?

          Btw nobody can hide behind a keyboard… not even you.

          • No threat, fact! As I’ve informed numerous wannabes looking to show how tough they were over the years “I’ve tripped over meaner mother fuckers than you trying to get to a fight”! I’m just saying to talk a lot of shit on here, especially to us older guys. But I’ve witnessed more than one guy in his twenties wish he’d never messed with a guy in his fifties and even sixties. Ever watch the video that the movie Bad Ass was based on?

  2. All those words, but it still sounds like threat to me. Should be careful with that old man, even online

    • And you should be careful not to be a continually insulting little ass, little man, even online!

  3. Plz… completely missed the comical irony of Surf’s first comment,and replied with a veiled insult…. apologize and move on!!


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