Sean Sarantos (ID’d)


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  1. TightBottom199

    Sean Sarantos, with his sexy muscle body and ugly ink. Sigh!

    • i can tolerate tattoos as long as it’s not overwhelming,,,,it looks good on him…

    • ugly ink is a pleonasm 😉

      • I agree to a point. I only have two, and both are related to my time with the 82nd Airborne Division; the All American patch that I wore on my left shoulder and the Airborne wings that I wore on my chest, which I had done in those same areas, significant to me for my service and the memories from it.
        I don’t really mind theme related tattoos limited to an arm or something, the ones that I really don’t care for are people with just all sorts of unrelated odds and ends scattered all over their body, like Justin Bieber, hence your use of the word pleonasm, which in all honesty I had to look up!
        But, to each his own I suppose.

        • Nah, I just don’t like ’em. period.

          • I had a friend who had his entire left arm done, I believe it’s becomes like an addiction to some folks.


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