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  1. John Raymond

    I think that if we don’t pay up, this website is closing. He only posts maybe 2 , days a week.

    Too bad. I’ve been following this one for I think ten years. But I just don’t have money to give to a website when I’ve been scrapping together bucks for Harvey and Irma, Puerto Rico and Vegas. The tragedies come one after another.

    But I will miss MBM.

    • MBM has repeatedly asked for donations the past several months, and because I help out with the site from where I am (Male Celeb Bio), I have direct communications with the owner and do know that it has been extremely difficult financially for sometime now.
      It is not fair to ask him to personally pay out of his own pocket to maintain this site for so many who use if for free. I have helped what I could with over $250 in donations so far because I believe in and want to support this site and the MBM owner, and I’m on a disability.
      But if everyone who can would just send whatever they can I’m sure it would be enough. Just a one time gift of whatever you can or better yet $5 a month to sustain it. Can’t we all spare at least one trip to Starbucks or McDonald’s for something we use all the time, not to mention it would be great for our waistlines. 🙂
      Please do whatever you can today. Thanks so much all my fellow Most Beautiful Man friends. Let’s not take this site for granted and lose it.

  2. John Raymond

    I’m not taking it for granted, but I’m disabled also, and what money I have I send to people to keep them from dying.

    What costs so much anyway? You just need a laptop and find people online.

    • When you go above the allotted bandwidth from your internet provider, they start charging for it, so MBM is having to pay for literally tens of thousands of daily users who pay nothing for it. And that’s on top of many hours per week putting the site pages together, they don’t just magically pop up with a click of the mouse. And no one is asking anyone to give money that they don’t have, and helping all of the victims of natural and man made disasters in the world is more important than just looking at other men. But surely there are enough guys out there who could afford even just a few dollars to help out. To each his own I suppose, but I think MBM not being able to pay their bills due to keeping this site that I use is enough of a commitment on their part for me to help out on my side. Who knows what other things they have to sacrifice in order to do so. All I’m asking is that those who have the means and the desire to help please do so.


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