Brenn Diephuis


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    • nice sized bubble…but way too scrawny

      • So if the bubble’s good, what else do you need? Are you so rough that you’re afraid you’re going to break him? Learn to be gentle when it’s required for a nice bubble Martin! 🙂

        • Brenn isn’t too fragile……he just looks like a underdeveloped 16 year old boy…I am a gentle lover for those who want me to be gentle, but a bit rougher for some…David likes both sides of my popping….so I haven’t had any complaints….LOL

          • I knew I’d get a reaction from you brother! 😉
            Honestly, he’s a bit too wormy even for me! I like em toned but not too bulky but not fragile.

  1. LOL….you sure did..


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