Alejandro Bueno


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  1. Here’s the rest of that nude photo shoot, hot!

    • he is so incredibly hot and sexy….. and a juicy bubble that needs to be worked on 24/7….

  2. Beautiful ass, face and abs.
    So sexy.
    Hos tattoo says Alex Bueno though.

  3. Sexy Italian

    Thanks Surf!! Yes, definitely a hot stud!

  4. Tats.. Like f*cking a coloring book. All stupid ass tatoholics should get ‘awfuls’

  5. In short: no bueno

    • Mom used to have a rule; “If you can’t say something nice, then just don’t say anything”.
      Seriously Plz, it’s not like the guy has Justin Beiber tattoos all over and everyone else seems to think he’s hot.
      I don’t like excessive, random tats on otherwise beautiful guys, but I wouldn’t kick them out of bed over them either!
      Probably 95% of your comments are always negative, is that really the way you live the rest of your life?
      Chill out man and try to find the good things instead of just the bad.


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