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  1. Attention Everybody, Our Help Is Needed!!!
    They didn’t ask me to, but I have been doing the Male Celeb page for the past six months or so to help out and thus probably know better than most how difficult is has been to keep it and all the sister sites going due to the ongoing financial strain it has caused.
    Some of us have helped out in the past, but I’m asking that all of us regular users who can please try to commit to a monthly contribution of $5 or whatever you can afford or at least make a one time donation of as much as you can until MBM gets to a place where can handle it on their own again.
    I think we’ve all been guilty of taking all these sites for granted just because MBM has always made them available free of charge. But they have also asked for help from those who can and are so inclined to do so, and thank you to all that have.
    I for one have been using this site for years, and since it was redesigned it has provided a place to not only see beautiful men everyday but also great camaraderie, comments and advice to help each other, plus a little teasing and difference of opinion at times.
    Please, take just a few minutes and help as much as you can. Thanks


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