Sagi Kalev


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  1. John Raymond

    He’s 46 so this is an old picture, but he still looks good.

    • There are a lot of “old guys” around that look a helluva lot better than many half their age.

  2. Nice pecs, nice belly and very nice behind!

    • Perfection…. I could POP that Bubble all day and night… and he’s almost my age… so YOWZA!!

  3. John Raymond

    Well I’m a bit older than him and I certainly don’t look as good, but I only meant that the picture is about 15 years old and his face doesn’t have that youthful look anymore. Not a critique – it just is what it is.

    • Just kidding John, and only pointing out to some of the younger guys that everybody gets older. And I’m probably a bit older than you. 😉

  4. Some of the most inviting curves around…..reminds me of Brad Davis


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