Jimmy Perez Rivera (ID’d)


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  1. You blow bubbles and I’ll blow that nice VPL of yours! Handsome as fuck by the way.

  2. excellent VPL as well…..

    • Just crazy beautiful guy. I don’t know how you do it Nico, but please keep doing it!

      • I will, Surf! At least as long as Google image search doesn’t screw up the way it has been in the afternoons the last couple of days.

        His instagram has some incredibly sexy shots on it.

  3. Google search on THAT image gave me:

  4. And scrolling through that page matched the image with the url:

  5. Not to mention quite a few other hotties.

    I hope you have had a chance by now to go back to his IG and get all the way to your sloppy end.

  6. There was an “evil grin” emoticon at the end of that that was deleted. HeHeHe!!!!

  7. Jimmy is beyond sexy..


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