Miguel Ortiz


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  1. Doesn’t look like the Miguel Ortiz I’m thinking of, torso not the same and he’s not as tall

  2. I’d love to roll in the long grass with him 😉

  3. Here is the whole set for the Miguel Ortize who was Mr. Gay Europe 2012


    • Guess that was him, couldn’t tell from that photo. But I can always depend on Nico to set me straight. Well, not that kinda straight, way too late for that! 😉

      • Martin

        while he’s finishing that Apple, I can take little nibble on that Beautiful juicy Bubble,,,

      • I think that we’re all beyond ‘help’ when it comes to getting ‘straight’ , Surf. 😇 but I’d say we are passed caring 😉

  4. I want to worship his body and his beauty.


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