Allen Lovell (ID’d)


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  1. Very enticing……..

    • You’re as consistent as the sunrise Nico, and Lovell has filled out quite nicely in the four years since that series as shown in this one by ftape:

      • Thanks for that link, Surf! I hadn’t seen those. Very HOT! I like the new and improved Lovell!

      • Martin

        i was going to say those old photos of Allen Lovell were very nice, but he was a tad scrawny, BUT………..those newer photos added some definement and made a 1000 % improvement…..Not too bulky and not too scrawny…

        • Some of those “scrawny” guys come hung like a horse and can fuck all night. Muscles aren’t always a perfect indicator of strength.

          • Martin

            … and SURF, sweetie, I agree with you 100 %….I like toned, Muscular guys… that is my taste… but Yes, you like what you like and God Bless…LOL…


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