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We enjoy featuring beautiful men for all of you FREE of charge. And we believe that doing so means keeping you entertained by producing quality content, and it’s provided a place to not only see beautiful men every day but also great camaraderie, comments and advice to help each other.

But it’s difficult and expensive work. While more people are reading MBM and its sister sites Sambag Blog, Male Celeb News, et al, than ever before, far fewer are paying for it. Like many other media organisations, our websites are operating in an incredibly challenging financial climate. Our advertising revenues are falling fast. We have huge website traffic that costs a lot of bandwidth and maintenance, and we are increasingly reliant upon your financial support.

So if you read us, if you like us, if you value our content – then become a Supporter and help make our future more secure. You can make a donation via secure PayPal. Simply click on the icon below to donate. Thank you in advance!

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  1. mbman

    Thank you, Surf!

  2. mbman

    Thank you, Patrick!

  3. mbman

    Thank you, Brian!

  4. mbman

    Thank you, Roger!

  5. mbman

    Thank you, 李!

  6. mbman

    Thank you, Kevin!

  7. Hey Everyone, this is Surf and I want to take a few moments of your time to also ask that you consider helping MBM with this site. They’ve been shouldering all of the financial burden for our enjoyment and they can’t keep doing this at a loss of income.

    I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty or obligated, but that just doesn’t seem fair to me. So I do challenge those of you who can to send at least a one time donation of whatever amount you can to help out and those blessed enough to do so please consider making it a monthly or quarterly commitment.

    I believe in this site, not only for the great men we get to see, but also for the brotherhood, camaraderie and comments that are well worth it. Even the cost of one Starbucks a month would go a long way. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do. Take Care Guys.

  8. mbman

    Thank you, Martin!

  9. I really really wish I could donate but sadly, international credit cards are not availble in my country. All I can do is to say thank you for this awesome website.

    Hope you get all the donation needed.

  10. Hey Guys, Our Help Is Needed!!!
    They didn’t ask me to, but I have been doing the Male Celeb page for the past six months or so to help out and thus probably know better than most how difficult is has been to keep it and all the sister sites going due to the ongoing financial strain it has caused.
    Some of us have helped out in the past, but I’m asking that all of us regular users who can please try to commit to a monthly contribution of $5 or whatever you can afford or at least make a one time donation of as much as you can until MBM gets to a place where they can handle it on their own again.
    I think we’ve all been guilty of taking all these sites for granted just because MBM has always made them available free of charge. But they have also asked for help from those who can and are so inclined to do so from time to time, and thank you to all that have.
    I for one have been using this site for years, and since it was redesigned it has provided a place to not only see beautiful men everyday but also for great camaraderie, comments and advice to help each other, plus a little teasing and difference of opinion at times.
    So please, take just a few minutes and help as much as you can. Thanks

  11. I sent what I could for now to help out MBM, I realize that they have to make personal sacrifices to bring these sites to us every week and think it’s the least I can do. I challenge everyone else to make whatever donation you can. Thanks

  12. Thanks again, Surf!

  13. Thank you, Malcolm!

  14. Thank you MBM for continuing to provide this site in spite of the personal financial burden it puts on you. I hope others will not take it for granted and start helping as they can.

  15. Many thanks Kevin and Surf!

  16. Thanks, Harry!

  17. Volunteer needed. Really need one of you younger guys to take over the Male Celeb Bio page for me, someone with more time, energy and a better handle on the young male celebrities of today. Please contact MBM if interested and thanks a lot!

  18. Thank you, Neville!

  19. Big thanks again, Surf!

  20. Yonah

    This is boyfriend

    Thanks again and I look in to the matter is that a yes for the matter is that the matter is that a yes for the matter is that the same is true for you and I will see if we could do a big penis the same thing I can do is

  21. Surfwatcher

    Hey Guys,
    It’s been almost two years since anyone have donated. I have several time but don’t ask to always be acknowledged for it.
    If you’re one of the long time users for many years like me you have enjoyed thousands of great looking men and the other associated sites with MBM.
    I know he doesn’t like to ask, so I’m asking for him. Please, whether a long time user or someone who just discovered this site, if you still believe in it and want to see it continue, please consider at least a one time donation or as often as you can. Any amount will help.
    MBM lost much of his ad revenue and some of the help he had with the site, plus he’s working a lot of overtime just to try and pay for the bandwidth to keep this site going.
    That hasn’t left him much time and energy to keep it updated as much as he’d like. So let’s give him a hand and inspire him to hang in there.
    Thanks so much in advance for anything that you can do.


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