Kaylan Morgan


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  1. John Raymond

    He caught flesh eating disease maybe a year and a half ago when he went with his gf to (I think) Belize. He needed 7 operations to save his arm. He probably won’t be able to post shirtless again (unless they take the pics from one side,) but I’m sure he can still get lots of clothed work. I shall miss seeing that gorgeous body, but thank God he survived and is OK now.

    • Wow, I’ve been checking him out for years but wasn’t aware of this. It could’ve easily been fatal. Hope he makes a full recovery and hopefully they can repair any lasting damage to that beautiful body.

  2. John Raymond

    I went to his Instagram and he’s modelling – shirtless. That must have been some awesome team if doctors. That is one scary disease. Something I learned back in ’94. Whenever you shave with any kind of razor blade, you will cut yourself and spill blood on the razor. You may not notice but it’s there. Dried blood attracts that bacteria. So dip it in alcohol or peroxide right after you shave and right before you shave next.


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