Chase Mattson (ID’d)


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  1. Simply gorgeous………….

  2. dude90210

    Chase Mattson

  3. Martin

    i agree…. he’s a bit scrawny, but still extremely hot and handsome

    • LOL, you drive me crazy with that scrawny stuff Martin, not everyone can be the Hulkster! I like em slim, smooth and toned and not too bulked up……..

      • Martin

        Surf, i don’t like guys who look as big as Van Damme, Schwazzeneger, and Lou Ferrigno……i just like a little bit of meat on the bones.. strong arms to hold me tight…A bubble that needs to be Popped…..Just a guy who looks great without a shirt on, instead of people telling me that the guy I like needs a Cheeseburger because he’s so skinny and scrawny…. it’s just my likes…but everyone has their there..LOL

        • I knew that would get you going! 😉
          Our definition of what’s scrawny is just different, this is what I think of when I think of scrawny

          • Martin

            very funny…. Yes, that is a scrawny photo, but again……….I like Muscle definment and strong muscular arms that don”t have veins running all over them,,,Swimmer’s Physique is nice, but Chase , as cute as he is and has a nice body as well, is just a little too skinny for me… That’s all..LOL

  4. So then you would kick him out of bed? Just send him my way if you do! 😉

    • not a chance…LOL….you can have him.. I’m married, but he isn’t Ugly or Unworthy to me..he is probably a very nice guy…just not my type ….


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