Scott Herman (ID’d)


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  1. Scott Herman

  2. Too bulked up for me, but that cock is about to bust out of that strap!

  3. Josh in OR

    This is one of those terrible ‘morphs’ you see all over the internet. Here’s the undoctored image:

    It sucks that morphs dominate the image search results, or I’d post a larger version of the image.

    • Outdoor Guy

      Yes, that looks better……….

      Which part of Oregon do u live? I’m in Southern Oregon

      • Josh in OR

        Portland, actually! Right in the heart of ‘anarcho-terrorist, commie protester’ central. LOL

    • Wow, that does look better, and I wish people would just take others where they are and forget all the morphing and paint brushing.

    • Like ‘lol’

      Bulky is ok, if you need a mover and got a lot of heavy furniture that is

  4. TightBottom199

    Yeah he isn’t actually that bulky in real life. He’s muscular but not that big.


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