Andrés Lopez (ID’d)


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  1. His arms are a bit on the ‘veiny’ side, but he’s still hot 💜

    • John Raymond

      That’s because the photog probably had him do a punch of exercises beforehand and then had him pose in such a way as to make the veins stand out that way. This is standard procedure when taking pics of male models. They usually only have just a few veins in real life. Also, don’t forget that your career includes constant gym time so these guys frequently look pumped. Just another occasion where “their” ideas of beauty are foisted on the rest of us.

    • What is it with some of you guys and the veins? I’ve always thought they were sexy if not overdone, and as a young man used to envy the guys that had them on their arms, though I don’t care for them on the torso region. To each his own I suppose.

      • i agree with you, Surf…… He isn’t too veiny…..but i do agree veiny guys aren’t as sexy as natural guys….


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