Ivan Gudkov


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  1. I’d like to hold his hand and stroke that muscular chest . Very kissable, sexy male beauty 😍

  2. A shame he turned into professional modeling and lost a lot of weight (read: muscle mass) 🙁

    • agreed

    • To each his own I suppose, but I much prefer how he looks now, toned and fit and more natural looking than too bulked up like above.

      • i agree, Surf….. he looks like Wrestler Ken Doll… looking plastic…

      • there’s nothing natural about his current anorexic look

        • On the contrary, he is now in his natural state, unlike guys who take weight gain and other supplements including steroids and lift weights until their muscles are several times larger than their natural size. As he is now, he can maintain that look for many years, whereas the bulked up guys have to keep taking supplements and lifting weights to maintain their look, but eventually it will all start to sag and they’ll be left with all extra skin once the muscle is gone.

  3. Well, he can “wrestle” me anytime 😉 & he’s already lubed up 😈


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