Danny Dyer


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  1. just… get… out… of… my BED


  2. John Raymond


  3. John Raymond

    You know, it’s body shaming and it’s wrong. He’s almost 40 years old, so he isn’t the average byoung god posted here. Imagine if he happened to Google himself and came here. It would hurt. We’re all going to face this as we age because our culture values youth above all else, and we’ll (or re) be talked of in the same way. And trust me, it will hurt. Personally, I think he’s a good looking guy. Maybe people are seeing something I’m not, but for God’s sake, don’t talk about another human being that way. Unless it’s Donald Trump. Then you have my blessings. 😁

    • you are right…i feel sorry that he wanted sexy photo and got an unflattering photo and a lot of people, including me, aren’t smoking fans…..he must be Donald Trump’s cousin…LOL

  4. Am I the only one that finds this hot?
    I mean this what most men’s body looks like. Natural and beautiful.

  5. John Raymond

    I think he’s hot.

    Maybe we should all look up Logan’s Run from 1976 and then never past 30 so we don’t become disposal people… I mean, men.

  6. Show me cock


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