Matthieu Charneau


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  1. I just love that sexy, V-shaped torso of his. with just the right amount of hair and an alluring trail, which I happen to love just like it is and without any manscaping.

  2. Straight Dude

    Perversion and decadence

    • Jealousy and envy will get you nowhere, you might as well partake since you visit this site because you are obviously a closeted gay man.

  3. SD, you aren’t going to change any of us and no matter how kindly we ask you to stop being aggressively hateful, you don’t want to change… so please try to change another website of gay men..

  4. Now look, (not so) Straight Dude, you are fooling nobody (except yourself ) with all this absurd moralising. Cut the bull 💩 : We all know that you’re a homosexual 👬 and you love checking out the SEXY MEN ! 😍


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