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  1. I would love to lie with Lai, love the hot Asian guys.

  2. Straight Guy


    • Why thank you, we love you too Straight Guy, even more so because we all know that you’re really just a closeted gay man.

      • Christian Man

        I did engage in homosexual activities for a short while until I discovered that it is all Godless and corrupt and perverted bullshit. I had a young lover that I later learned had the Aids/Hiv virus but fortunately he did not infect/contaminate me. However, I later learned that he did infect 2 or 3 other men.

        Anyway, if you want to engage in perverted crap, be my guest but please cut out the bullshit. Homosexuals and Lesbians and Transgender persons are not Normal. This is all of the Devil, the father of Lies. May God and Jesus Christ be my witnesses.

        • Well then, live the life you chose to and we won’t condemn you. But please do us all a favor and stop condemning us, there are plenty of like minded sites where you can share your hate with others like youself. You can’t and won’t change our minds, so please, if you really do love Christ as you say, stop being hateful and leave. Thank you.

        • who converted you to be the spokesman of Hatred and Vile Talk… you speak like someone who is so self loathing that feels that since you are so miserable, that you need to take everyone down to your level of HATE…. CM, i am sad and feel sorry for you…. may God prove to you that your hatred and bigotry is not bringing you to Heaven, but a long life in Pergatory, because only Jesus can condemn us and there is no way you are God’s Voice… because God is only full of Love…..Unlike yourself…

  3. Oh, you’re on of those “ex-gays” … There is no “cure” for homosexuality, and to be honest I have no desire to be “cured” … other than being gay I “clean life” : I don’t smoke, drink alcohol of take recreational drugs ….. I don’t steal, I never have committed (or ever intend to ) murder, and try to treat people well and none judgmentaly….

  4. PS. I wish to make it plain that I do not consider homosexuality as ‘unclean’ in any way, shape or form. But as you seem to have issues. ….

  5. Straight Dude

    Wait until you are diagnosed with AIDS. You will be cured of your “gayness” or homosexuality within 5 minutes. I guarantee it bros. I was.

    As to Gary’s comment, “…I never have committed (or ever intend to) murder…”, he should be congratulated. I have been the “victim” of three homosexuals who attempted to murder me. The first time when I was 18 years old and a 30 year old top “beat the shit out of me” because I wouldn’t “bend over”. Where is the love bros?

    Again, I repeat. Homosexuality is Demonic. It is of the Devil. May God and Jesus Christ be my witnesses.

  6. God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all of one person and one spirit… and they LOVE and they don’t condemn….. Just because you have had a few bad experiences doesn’t make the whole Gay Community EVIL…. all Minorities are not bad and all White people aren’t full of hate…we are all brothers and sisters of love and blood…..there is no separate and divided…if you believe in the kindness of others.. there are people who will LOVE you back, SD… you just need to get help and find compassion…

  7. I have been reading the recent comments by the homophobic Straight Dude and even though he is fanatically anti-gay, he does make some valid points about us.

    I won’t discuss the religious or moral aspects of homosexuality but he is right that too many of us gays have violent tendencies including homicidal desires. I recently read that a 26 year old “stud” in England intentionally infected 8 of his sexual partners with the HIV virus? What gives? Is this guy a psychopath because he is gay? God only knows but we have all heard too many ugly stories concerning gays and violent behavior. Is there really a connection?
    I have always been very peaceful but I have had several partners who were nice at first but became real assholes over time. I guess that inwardly many gays are not happy with their sexuality and it will eventually come out through violent and anti-social behavior. I would tell them to get out of the gay lifestyle if they are not completely happy with it.



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