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  1. Ivan Savinov

  2. Straight Dude


  3. @straight dude, you’re on gay site yourself, so I guess your nickname doesn’t do you justice

  4. btw: russians, like… rawr!!!

  5. We all know that “Straight Dude” is really homo/ poofter / faggot/ queer (as are we) 😛, but we acknowledge and enjoy our homosexuality. 👬 He spouts abuse, but he then he tugs one out at the sight of these HOT, SEXY, GORGEOUS MEN 😉😍👄💖❤💚💛

    • Straight Dude

      Yes, you are right. I am a “homo” but I am not enjoying my homosexuality as I am dying because of it. That’s right my “homo” bros, I’m dying of AIDS. I thought that being “gay” was great until about 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with AIDS. Now God is apparently giving me the reward that I have earned for my immoral life. Anyway, continue with the “gay” lifestyle and you may also end up sick and alone as I have. May God and Jesus Christ be my witnesses.

      • Are you aware that there are men who have lived with aids for twenty years and more? Okay, so you made a mistake and had unprotected sex, many of us also have and are just lucky we didn’t get it too. But don’t give up on life, yourself or on God. Yeah, you messed up and may pay the ultimate price. But that doesn’t mean he stopped loving you and doesn’t forgive you. Please don’t let hate override your love and compassion, you really don’t want to leave this world like that, do you? Stop focusing on yourself and reach out to others in love. I sincerely hope and pray that you find the peace in your heart that you so need. God Bless you.

      • 1) God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all one person….2) you think you are immoral.. you are not… you are hurt, scared and feeling all alone in this world…..Aren’t you just tired already from Hating yourself and blaming other for your actions ??? Just admit to yourself that you are a beautiful human being and didn’t deserve this and accept that blame and hatred and vile talk is the TRUE DEVIL in this relationship…. the DEVIL is talking through you right now… and he’s not worth it… Jesus is Love and not condemnation…

  6. You are not being punished, you are just unfortunate. If God is using AIDS to punish homosexuals then why are lesbians the least likely people to get infected? …. I genuinely don’t know what else to say.

  7. There are treatments that can help you live a long and full life. Have a conversation with your doctor.

  8. Straight Dude

    I have been receiving the most effective treatments and yet I have lost almost 40 pounds in the last year. I have also learned a great deal about AIDS and the HIV virus. You see, this deadly virus began almost 100 years ago in Africa and it was transmitted to human beings not through sex but through the consumption of meat from other primates probably that of chimpanzees; this meat is also called “bush meat”. That said, this virus has now spread widely to the heterosexual populations of many African and other “third world” nations. In America it is also now spreading to the heterosexual population at a slower pace.

    AIDS is not simply a punishment against homosexuals. I believe that it is one of many Godly punishments foretold in the New Testament. Is homosexuality immoral in the eyes of God? I cannot say but Saint Paul clearly condemns it.

    • Like yourself, I struggled and agonized over this for many years. But I was gay first and became a Christian later and found that for all my trying and praying, it would not leave me. I finally had to believe that a loving God knows that we are only human and has compassion for us.
      In my case, I was sexually abused as a child by an older man and when I got older finally realized it wasn’t my fault that happened and how could I be condemned for it. As I said before, I choose to believe in a God of mercy and forgiveness who also has the power to change his mind and would never condemn millions to eternal punishment for something they can’t control.
      For me, I’ve otherwise tried to live my life thinking of others first instead of myself and know that I stand just as much chance come judgement day as most of those who attend church every week.
      I sincerely hope you also find this peace and are no longer torn between faith and the reality of your situation.

    • you are loved, SD….your anger and vile need to make people feel small is a disappointment in Jesus’s and St Paul’s eyes as well, because all Jesus and his disciples are God’s profession of LOVE and KINDNESS…not Hatred and Judgement

    • Paul was a poofter himself. So much for the hypocrisy of the RCC.


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