Corentin Huard


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  1. He has a lot better body than this pic reveals

  2. Christian Man

    Another lost Homosexual soul

  3. John Raymond

    Maybe he found Jesus.

    Except that I didn’t know he was lost.

    Seriously, what kind of kicks do people like you get coming onto gay websites and abusing people. Are you also one of those people that deny the Holocaust ever happened or didn’t go far enough? Are you one of those people that claps their hands because Syrian refugees are being left to die because of the Big Oompa Loompa and his KKK lapdog Bannon?

    You know, one day all of us will die and probably be judged for our actions. And I kinda feel sorry for you. Because I don’t think you’re a Christian at all (not that faith has anything to do with it). I think you’re just a bad old fashioned troll who has no life when he steps away from the computer. Likely shy, not very attractive, can’t get a date, and is probably an unintentional virgin. After visiting here and other sites as a troll, you likely cruise porn sites and jack off all over your computer. A person of no consequence – as long as you don’t have a gun.


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