Philipp Gazmanov (ID’d)


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  1. extremely and handsome fit young man…looks like he’s a Yoga expert

  2. @Martin just because he’s sitting on a yoga mat? Just look at instagram pics; he clearly isn’t. Besides, a true yogi doesn’t have a sixpack like that, it would make his abdoman too rigid and pull too much on the back muscles. Yoga is all about flexibility, flexible long muscles, not short bulky muscles.

    • seriously,Plz, must you always be such a downer??… i said nothing negative about his age,looks… i made a nice comment about him looking like a Yoga pperson and you have to make a derogatory comment that I don’t know what I’m talking about,,, please be pleasant…

  3. @Martin stick around, you might learn something, mkay?

    • I’m no Mr Garrison, Mkay???if you’ve seen an Old Christmas movie, please don’t act like Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life..don’t be a “warped, frustrated Young man”

  4. …. old movie reference that makes you sound old, way to make a point

    • I found a newer movie reference that makes a point about you Plz!
      Obvious Child (2014)

  5. He could still get out before it is too late.


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