Matthew Crawford (ID’d)


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  1. sorry to bug PLZ, but seriously…. How old is this kid??? Surf, he doesn’t look 18…. i am probably wrong, but he seriously looks way way too young..

    • Surfwatcher

      He’s probably at least 18, maybe older if you look at the rest of the pics in this series. Okay for some of the younger guys on here, just too young for me.

    • Passerby

      Lol it might be on old pic but the guy in the pic is 22 now. His name is Matthew Crawford

  2. Oh dear. Someone has been a bit too eager with the airbrushing. He’s practically sparkling.

  3. Passerby

    His name is Matthew Crawford

  4. @Surfwatcher definitely for most of the younger guys here (although I find him rather ‘plastic’), and most of the older guys too, but no need to bring up your own age up again and again, we get it you’re old…

    • Surfwatcher

      And no need for you to bring up the fact that some of us are older again and again, we get it that you’re still a child………..

  5. @Mr. B, CORRECT! Yes, they definitely ruined that pic. He actually made me think of a younger Connor Franta (although this Matthew’s way hotter) and lo and behold, he’s a gay vlogger too (with a sexy voice, rawr)


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