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  1. Surfwatcher

    I always throw back the minnows so I can catch them again when they were full grown.

  2. I’m sure he doesn’t like daddies anyway @Martin & Surfwatcher.

    • …..and Like Surf and I say as well…..” we’re sure he doesn’t like negative nellies as well, Plz”……takes a positive touch like Surf and I…

    • Surfwatcher

      You never know, a few years ago I had a guy almost half my age come to me without me ever coming onto him in any way and asked me to be the first guy to help him discover his bi-curiosity, and we had an ongoing thing for the next 6 years. He must have liked this daddy pretty well, or at least knew that I was sensitive enough that he could trust me instead of just some other young hookup his age. So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it plz.

  3. Hell, I’m not judging, different strokes for different strokes I guess, @Surfwatcher. I’m sure there will allways be younger guys desperate enough to date dads.

    • Surfwatcher

      And I’m sure there will always be arrogant little piss ants desperate enough for attention that they’ll hide behind a keyboard where it’s safe to disparage everyone else. BTW, he was a very hot bi man who dated a beautiful woman while we hooked up every now and then.

  4. … agreed, there’s no reason to call yourself a piss ant just because you like to post here though. BTW why are you even wasting your time here. Run along and date fabulous bi guys!

    (BTW: like… ew? you even know where his cock has been?) 😛

    • Surfwatcher

      You are indeed a sad, negative little man, and it is you who should find some other site where you’ll be right at home bitching and moaning about every perceived problem just because you don’t agree with the rest of us. Keep your negativity to yourself in your sad little pathetic world.

      • Surf… excellent point…this is a place for Positivity and not negativity,PLZ…. what joy does one get from making others feel bad about themselves..??? we are not perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but getting a thrill from making one feel bad.. is just sad and pathetic..

  5. Positivity hu? Riiiiiiight… Remember how you two started this with your negative comments, judging this perfect guy as ‘not fully grown’ and ‘just a Highschool kid?’ Now THAT’s pathetic, no one cares for your ‘opinion’ anymore anyway, no matter how many bi-guys you ‘date.’ So I suggest you keep your ageist comments to yourself in the future. thnx

    • Surfwatcher

      There’s a huge difference between making a critique of someone and just being hateful about it, which you seem to excel at. As far as my disapproval of some guys who I personally think appear too young, that comes from being an adult who believes it to be morally wrong to lust after young men below a certain age. And you don’t seem mature enough to notice your reverse ageism when you make nasty comments just because we happen to be older and more mature than yourself. And whether you want to accept it or not, from all indications most of the guys on here respect my opinions and I’ve yet to hear from a single one who cares for yours. BTW, my opinion matters enough that MBM asked me to assist on this site a couple of months ago. So play nice or please go play somewhere else. Thanks


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