Sandy (ID’d)


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  1. Surfwatcher

    Oh how I’d love to follow that trail to it’s end…………

    • very sexy…. i just wish he looked a little older… he looks like he just graduated from High School..

  2. It seems to be a old picture from 2012.
    He still has a nice body.

    • Surfwatcher

      What’s his name Tobias? Got a link to a more recent picture?

    • I can’t find his name and I found no other pictures.
      I just made a google search with the picture address.

    • Surfwatcher

      Thanks Nico, he was supposedly 26 when that pic was taken in 2010, but I think somebody was bull shitting somebody, he couldn’t have been much more than 18.

    • That’s possible surf, with 25 years I wanted to buy something for 16yo persons or older and somebody asked me for my passport to check my age. So it’s really possible.

      • Surfwatcher

        True, I actually had a friend in his 30’s who was regularly carded every time we went out partying.


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