Tym Roders (ID’d)



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  1. Now that’s one sexy torso!

    • nice athletic body… just a bit too scrawny for my taste

      • I swear Martin, I’m beginning to think that nothing short of The Incredible Hulk will do for you! 😉

        • Just IMHO, i like muscular chest, well defined arms and abs…I like athletic swimmers bodies, but A guy like Pietro Bosselli is my taste…Honestly, i don’t like overly developed Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzengger bodies….Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if it isn’t my taste,,,I am far from perfect… some people like HAIRY, SMOOTH, TALL,SHORT, SKINNY, FAT… whatever makes you happy is perfect for you…

          • Just teasing Martin, didn’t mean to offend. My apologies.

          • SURF, no need to apoligize….all i was saying is that everyone has their likes and dislikes…and I like you as a friend.. that will not change

  2. I’d call him “slim”. To me, scrawny is when they have no muscular development and look like adolescents. This guy is quite nice.

  3. I

    I’ve been searching for this guy for years.

    (It’s Tym Roders.)


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